Mining Tutorial

Newland Mining Guideline

Webpage configuration

1. Enter Newland website and connect your wallet;

2. Enter "Mining" page, select “ETH”/”HECO” on the top;

3. Select the counterparty pair of Liquidity Mining which you want to join;

4. Approve each Token of the pair.

After finishing approval, click “Deposit” and join mining.

5. After deposit, click “My Positions”, you can claim the principal and yield any time.

Mobile page configuration

1. You can open Newland homepage in wallet Dapp browser. Fill in "Newland" and search.

Or fill in Newland homepage website in the browser directly .

2. After you go to Newland homepage, click “Launch App”.

3. Click "Mining" to move on to next step.

4. The other steps are the same as webpage configuration. You can refer to the screenshots above .

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