Newland Lending parameters adjustment announcement

Reason for adjustment

Due to the recent sharp fluctuations in the market, considering of risk control, a part of lending, clearing parameters and reserves management plans of different tokens in the Newland Lending pool will be adjusted, the adjusted parameters are as follows:

Effective time

15:00:00, March 5, 2021 Singapore time

Content of adjustment

1.Lending parameters

2.Reserves Management Plan

A. Maximun amount of reserves=(1%*The average loan balance of this token in the past 30 days)+Unliquidated quantity of this token

B. Fixed 10% is used to burn HPT

C. The excess part is used for risk reserves. When the reserve amount is greater than the maximum amount of reserves, the excess part is used to burn HPT.

Please adjust your lending and borrowing funds according to the latest parameters above to avoid unnecessary risks.

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