Mining Withdrawal Tutorial

P.S:Take USDT-HPT LP of MDX pool of HECO chain as an example



  1. Visit , input the protocol address that you want to withdraw assets from.

2. Enter the page and switch to "Read Contract" tab under "Contract" tab

3. Pull down the page to "23. userInfo", input LP site and your own wallet address.

Click Query, then you can see the amount (if there is any).

4. Switch to "Write Contract" tab, and click "Connect to Web3" to connect wallet.


5. Pull down to "16. withdrawTokens"

First blank input "LP Site"

Second blank input "tokenA address"

Third blank input "tokenB address"

Forth blank input the amount in step 3

Fifth and sixth blanks input "0"

Click "Write" and you can withdraw all the assets from LP pool.

LP Token protocol information is as follow:

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