Newland New Version

Dear Users,

Newland will upgrade a new version at 10:00 (UTC) on August 10, 2021. As a key decentralized financial platform, Newland will continue to provide customers with secure and robust DeFi services.

Upgrade Details:

1 Feature upgrade

  • Feature migration

Lending and Mining features on the original V1 will be transferred to New Version, and will be showed on the same page with Kusama Slot Auction.

  • Strict Projects Selection

Newland will strictly screen and launch DeFi projects according to the features.

2 Brand upgrade:

  • Position upgrade

Upgrade from "DeFi Aggregate Mining Platform" to "One-stop Decentralized Ecological Platform". Newland New Version will focus on on-chain business, providing users more DeFi features such asLending, Aggregare Mining, Vault, Slot Auction, etc..

  • Multi-chain ecological development

Newland New Version supports HECO, ETH and Kusama public blockchain. Polkadot public blockchain will be arranged in 2021Q4, in order to develop Polkadot Slot Auction. In the meantime, Newland will integrate BSC and OEC ecology.

3 Interaction upgrade

  • Switch chain by one-click: Convenient to manage multi-chain assets;

  • New assets dashboard: Check your investment position and yield any time;

  • New UI design: New visual design upgrade.

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The contents of the announcement and other information in Newland do not constitute investment advice. Newland will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss arising from reliance on this information. Newland is a Decentralized Finance Platform, please fully understand before investing. Users will take the responsibility of guarantee or compensation for the loss causing by active behavior of themselves.

Newland Team

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