Decentralized Staking Tutorial

Newland Decentralized Staking Guideline

Newland <Decentralized Staking> will launch in Dapp on Sep. 17th 2021.

Join one-click staking on Newland 😄 !

Wallets that support TERRA, DOT, KSM, such as Math Wallet and TokenPocket are recommended.

Tutorial below is under a testing environment:

Web Tutorial

Connect wallet

Click the button of "Connect Wallet" on the upper right corner.

Users please follow the steps below:

① Choose the network you need to connect;

② Choose a project;

③ Choose a wallet.

Click "Connect" in the pop-up window, which only shows the corresponding wallets of the project.

After connecting wallet

The upper right corner will show "Multi-Wallet Connected", click to manage your wallets or add more wallets.

Polkadot Wallet allows you to change address.

The web page will show different information according to the wallets you connected:

"Bond" means the wallets have been connected ,and the network is correct. You can click to see the project details;

"Switch Chain" means the wallets have been connected ,and the network is wrong. You need to switch to the correct network;

"Connect Wallet" means wallets have not been connected, click to add wallets.

From CEX to Wallet

1、Create Math Wallet or TokenPocket Wallet, click to read guidelines:

pageMath Wallet TutorialpageTokenPocket Tutorial

2、Open Wallet, click the address on LUNA/DOT/KSM wallet page 👉COPY address;

3、Open CEX app, click <Withdraw> on Balances Page.

Choose the correspoding chain, PASTE the address, enter the amount of tokens.

Click <Withdraw> to finish.

Delegate Tokens

1、Get to Newland Decentralized Staking through Wallets

Switch to the mainnet which supports the tokens you will stake.

For Math Wallet:

Enter Wallet 👉 Dapps, copy and paste into search bar.

For TockenPocket Wallet:

Enter Discover Page, paste into search bar.

Switch to the wallet that supports your token, click to enter.

2、Select project

Select the project you want to join, click <Delegate> to enter project detail page;


Click <Delegate> on the detail page, enter the amount of tokens, continue to click <Delegate>;

Pay attention to the initial investment amount of each project.

Enter your wallet password to successfully delegate;

4、Check records

You can check your historical operation records down below;

Undelegate Principal


Click <Undelegate> on the detail page;

Your principal will be automatically transferred to your wallet after staking cycle.


You need to click <Unbond> the principal first, which will still be on-chain;

Then click <Redemption> to redeem your principal to the wallet.

Claim Earnings

1、After succcessful delegation, <Claimable earnings> will be shown on the detail page;

2、Click <Claim earnings>, and the detail of the amount of claimable rewards will be shown below;

Continue to click <Claim earnings> and confirm.

3、Historical earning records can be checked down below.

The above is the tutorial for participating in Newland Decentralized Staking!

Welcome everyone to click Newland Decentralized Staking and have a FAST, SAFE, HIGH APY, Decentralized Staking experience!

If you have any question, welcome to join Newland Community and discuss with us!




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