DeFi should be easy.

Newland is a one-stop decentralized ecological platform that integrates multiple public chains such as Ethereum, Huobi Ecological Chain (HECO), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), OKExChain (OEC). Newland provides lending, staking, cross-chain mining, and multi-ecological (DOT, SOL, etc.) services.


  • Convenience

Focusing on DeFi frontier innovation, providing functions such as leveraged mining, hedging impermanent losses, and custom investment strategies, to ensure that all kinds of user needs can be met.

  • Security

The committee strictly screens DeFi projects and protocols. In the future, the DAO governance committee will decide the launch of new protocol by voting.

  • Fast

Fast cross-chain services, providing smooth cross-chain trading experience.

Ecological Functions

  • Lending

Provide users with decentralized assets lending services and customized financial products, with diversified interest rate models and flexible income methods.

  • Aggregate mining

Aggregate a variety of assets. Compatible with Heco, Ethereum, BSC, OEC, SOL and other public blockchain assets at the same time, the hoarding of assets is not delayed.

  • Staking

On the basis of multi-ecological support, product functions will be sufficiently diversified to keep up with the forefront of industry innovation, providing functions such as leveraged mining, hedging of free losses, custom investment strategies.

  • Polkadot Zone

Provide Kusama Slot Auction and Polkadot Slot Auction channels, providing users with "one-click auction".

  • DAO Governance

Build a decentralized governance framework where the core governance rights will be gradually transited to the community.

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